What is exatly are volucities?

New participation-based audience development models for the youth in the music scene of middle-sized cities in Europe.

The general objective our action plans to achieve is to develop a more pro-active, conscious and committed audience and future actors among the representatives of the younger generations, mainly ones between 16 and 23 with using tools of participation and involvement, knowledge exchange and networking. Our action is focused on cities that are not metropolitan capitals and which have a much less developed creative sector and nightlife economy and which usually suffer from brain drain and from lack of perspectives in the creative field. The metaphoric title of the project refers to ‘volume’ as an important term in the music sector, also at the same time to “volunteering” which is one of the core ideas in this action.

This objective is fully in line with the Music Moves Europe programme’s main goals and reflects the challenges outlined by the European Commission, such as the changing models of cultural governance, the need to support the innovative potential of the cultural sectors and also deals with the impact of the digital shift. The current action “small music venues” promotes a sustainable live music ecosystem in Europe. A key to sustainability in this field is a balance between the live music scene of big metropolitan cities and middle-sized or smaller cities. The latter are usually pheripheral and don’t attract the attention of big playrolers of the live music rollercoaster but also have a disadvantage in the field of talent management and artist supplies. Music venues could play an important role in the local cultural identity as community spaces and artistic meeting points but sometimes they even don’t know how to survive the next season. We believe that if we involve youngsters into the everyday life of a music club, their creative potential will later be a strong booster for the whole local creative community. If they find themselves comfortable in the cultural and creative sector, it will have social and existential advantages. However, changing trends in the music industry makes us think of innovative development strategies. When it comes to this process, diversity and international knowledge exchange as tools help a lot for actors to stay competitive.

While VOLUCITIES starts now as a pilot cooperation project of three small music venues and a University, we see its mid-term future in an enlarged network of venues from middle-sized and smaller cities. This network could serve as a visible hub, a noticeable stakeholder in the European market which could lead to a much stronger level of integration of these cities and indirectly help venues of these cities to become much more stable pillars of the local cultural ecosystems.

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